Together We Can Make A Difference

Who We Are

Citizen Caller answers the question “what can I do?” with campaigns that have everything you need to take action and have an impact.

We are a small team of patriots seeking to give ordinary citizens a bigger voice in the political process. We aren’t politically connected or insiders in any way. Just average informed citizens who are appalled by the demonic Leftists trying to sabotage the greatest country the world has ever known.

Considering the current political climate, we hope to remain anonymous to protect our families during the early stages of this project. We expect that to change soon however, and look forward to posting our bios, complete with smiling headshots before long.

About Us
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What We Believe

We are pro-America, pro-life, pro-family, pro-faith and pro-freedom.

We have a Conservative political outlook but distrust government and politicians of all stripes. We feel that the United States government has become increasingly authoritarian as it has grown in size and scope. Congress, which is Constitutionally prohibited from delegating its duties, has done just that creating massive bureaucracies with their own courts and weaponized police forces.

Today the Right is most vocal about this because we oppose big government and the loss of freedom. The Left is only too happy to have a Deep State in control as it delivers everything they want, but that will change when Big Brother comes for them as he inevitably must.


we value our privacy and know you do too.

There are no cookies or trackers on the site. The only information we have about users is information you explicitly give to us, such as when signing up for our email alerts or submitting the “contact us” form. That information will always be held in the strictest confidence, kept only as long as needed, and never shared or sold to another party.

There is nothing we could ever say that would prove this site is not an FBI/CIA/NSA/Deep State honeypot. You’ll have to take our (anonymous) word for it. Sorry about that. If you come up with a way we can prove it to you let us know. Hopefully our words and deeds will convince you we are who we say we are.

Together We Can Make A Difference

Citizen Caller is a free speech platform designed to maximize the impact of everyday Americans by encouraging us to speak our minds and focus our energies.

To all the doom-and-gloomers out there who think calls and emails won’t make a difference – we reject your defeatism. Politicians and public figures are incredible wimps who often wilt under the slightest pressure. Often it just takes a relatively small number of calls and emails to change the direction of a politician, corporate executive or organization.

The Left has known this for a long time. They are natural activists, while those of us with families and busy jobs find our purpose elsewhere. For too long we’ve let the Left run things while we look on in outrage.


The emails are provided for convenience only. Feel free to send them as is but we hope you will edit them to reflect your personal values and beliefs.

You may notice that email addresses are often for a different contact than the subject of the campaign. This is because most politicians and public figures don’t want to hear from you! They do everything they can to hide their email addresses, so we do the next best thing and email a chief of staff or other high level aide. This is generally just as effective since most of the time an admin will triage their inbox first anyway. Where even this is not possible we resort to contact forms.

We hope users of this site will engage in civil dialog. Foul language may be satisfying but will not help our cause. Threats or harassing messages are generally illegal and we condemn such behavior in the strongest possible terms.